Tailored Engineering Deployments

Tailored Engineering Deployments, LLC (TED) is a Joint Venture (JV) between two small businesses, Base2 Engineering, LLC and Fourth Dimension Engineering LLC. The TED JV was formed to pursue a class of government acquisitions which require the rapid design of hardware and software solutions for government and commercial customers. Our combined staffs have expertise in embedded systems, reverse engineering, PCB design, mechanical packaging design, and software design and test.

Fourth Dimension

FourthDim is a technology-focused company dedicated to providing solutions to a broad range of U.S. government and commercial industry requirements. Our multi-discipline team offers complete product development services on highly accelerated timelines. Read More


With a collection of highly talented software and hardware engineers, Base2 is focused on the design, development, production, analysis, and sustainability of high-technology products and software for Government and Commercial customers. Read More